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Sold my Hot Rod Shop in California after 22 years. I am now semi-retired and live in Wingate, North Carolina, tinkering with cars.

Life is good!

Hope to see ya at some car shows! See my new product on Page 4.

The video below shows the Steering Column Rubber Boot with a stainless steel polished bezel that is made out of 304 stainless steel.  The Brake Pedal Rubber Boot with a stainless steel polished bezel is also 304 stainless steel. Clutch Pedal is the same part number.  The Rubber Boot fits round rods, rectangular rods, and square rods. The video below is on our display board simulating a firewall.

Click on the files below to view videos.:

This video shows the Rubber Boot Seals  for Steering Columns,Brake /Clutch Pedals, Wire / Cables/ Hoses Boot Seal  and more !
27.2 MB

  This video shows the Rubber Firewall / Floor Boot Seal goes right over the lower steering column floor/firewall mount  bracket !
10.0 MB          
The slide show  below are some of my pictures of my junk ,and is just my bragging rights of  being a red neck in the woods ! LOL    Thank You !
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